Our vision

Make insurance available for everyone in the world

The insurance language tends to be scriptic, filled with legalese jargons. We're here to change that.



We've added all the basic plans and up until plans with international coverage to match every expectation



We're covering 80% of the UAE plans into 1 platform, with easy comparison option



Takes 30 seconds to get quotes - and we've digitalized the whole process for you

Our mission

Help the world take better decissions by making insurance easy to understand

The insurance is difficult to navigate, and its language tends to be scriptic, filled with legalese jargons.

Improving the navigation is a first necessary step, but it's not enough.

We're here to make a change

We're taking a bold move in our challenge to make insurance available for everyone in the world.

When we started building insured.ae we've started breakind down the most complex components. It was overall a fun exercise (joy and tears along), but in the end our team and direct customers were super excited about the outcome.

We've collected positive feedback from everyone who interacted with our new approach - our customers yelled they'd wanted this model to have been available earlier, and our colleagues finally had more time to focus on what matters - the relationship with the client.


Quotes generated so far


Out of 200+ reviews on Google

Understanding your decision makes it easier to select the right option

What we're bringing to the table the the compressed results of our countless interactions with our clients for the past two decades.

Understanding the pain-points and priorities, the mandatory options or the nince to have ones, it's all reflected in our approach that we've built thinking our customer first platform.

Hence, we've spent hours on end (and the process still goes on) to refine and adjust the insurance options we're presenting on the platform.

Other than the objective comparison, we're augmenting the available options wherever we have informations available.

Are you an insurance broker?

We're a technology-first company specialized in building digital products for the insurance market.